Yoga & More

Create an innovative workplace!

Our  services help one to achieve optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

  • Reduce stress, fatigue and errors.
  • Minimize absenteeism, sick-leaves, and accidents.
  • Increase motivation, focus, energy, efficiency, productivity.
  • Courses offered: Yoga, Pilates, Tai chi,  Chi Kung, Zumba and more.


We also offer meditations, self hypnosis, and visualizations for salesmanship, peak performance, and leadership proficiency. These lectures and workshops are very popular with management.

Health Days and workshops consisting of demonstrations and presentations by various complementary health practitioners are also quite popular.
• We can always create and adapt workshops and courses to fit your specific needs.


The costs can be subsidized or paid in full by either the employer or the employee, or
shared between the two.
They are tax deductible and may be reimbursed by the employer’s collective insurance.